I know one thing; Twin Falls is known for its potholes. You can't drive around town without hitting at least one road crater on your journey. That being said, and knowing these potholes are an issue for drivers, our pothole problem isn't as bad as we all think it is.

Where Are The Worst Potholes

I for one do think we have a big pothole problem in Twin Falls, but if you look at Google statistics you'd be surprised to find that we actually have some of the best roads in the nation. That doesn't help me feel better when I'm cruising down Addison and hit a pothole that feels like it is going to swallow my car.

That also doesn't mean we don't have some wicked wheel-wasting divots in the roads. On the contrary, if you aren't careful in certain locations around town you could bend a rim, pop a tire, or bounce your car so hard that everything inside goes flying. I read online from a Twin Falls resident that the road behind the Blue Lakes Walgreens and Arctic Circle (I'm assuming that means the bad road is either Elm or Locust) is so bad you could lose a tire.

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The Google data shows Washington state as having the worst roads in the nation and Idaho is just past the middle on the better side. Washington ranks number 1 and we rank 36. California, Oregon, and Montana all have worse roads than Idaho while Utah, Wyoming, and Nevada have some of the best.

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