I am not sure if you saw the lights but Brad and I got a call Monday morning from a man in Jerome who said he was seeing roughly 30 lights in a perfect line across the sky. We decided to look for ourselves and saw almost the same thing.

The caller out of Jerome said he saw 30 bright lights across the Big Dipper in the sky perfectly aligned and perfectly spaced out. With us being in Twin Falls we had much more light pollution so we didn't see quite that much, but we did see some.

There were a lot of lights aligned across the sky. I don't know how many were there but they definitely weren't stars. So we decided to do a little searching on the internet. Now, we aren't exactly sure this is what it was, but it definitely could be.

The national UFO reporting center said the Space-X corporation has been launching capsules full of micro satellites to be positioned at different locations around Earth. The picture they shared is pretty much exactly what we saw Monday morning, except the lights were slightly farther apart. The goal of the micro satellites is to help get internet to even the most remote places on Earth.

Sure, it is kind of anti-climactic if that is what is going on, and I suspect that it is, but at least we aren't getting attacked by Decepticons. Or at least if we are getting attacked by some alien life forms, we will have internet so we can share it on Facebook.

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