This is a stunner. There's no incredible mansion or even big house that is a part of this property. But, what is included is a complete Idaho wilderness retreat and it's now available on Zillow.

The lot is located at 4629 Highway 21 in Idaho City. That's a good 2 1/2 hour drive from Twin Falls.

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If you have a large family that wants its own personal getaway spot, you can use it for that. Or, if you want to create a rental wilderness area, that's doable, too. There are 2 log cabins, 3 ti pis, outdoor showers and even a creek.

Did I mention the views? Check this out.

Rick Bennett via Zillow

The asking price for the lot is $275,000, so they're not giving it away. But, you get a lot for the money. Check out the full Zillow listing if you're wanting a staggeringly beautiful part of Idaho.