We have this discussion every single year, please don't leave your pets in a hot vehicle. The Twin Falls Sheriff's Department shared some pretty interesting statistics about how hot it can actually feel inside a car, even if it doesn't feel that hot to you.

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Temperatures Outside Don't Reflect Temperatures In A Vehicle

Even if the temperatures outside are a nice 70 degrees or so, the inside of a vehicle can get really hot really fast. Just think about when you get into your car that has been sitting in the sun, even at 60-degree temps, and how hot it can feel. Each degree outside is a difference inside. Even if it is 70 degrees outside, after 30 minutes, the inside car temperature would reach 104 degrees. At 85 degrees, after 30 minutes, the inside of the car is 119 degrees. There is a temperature calculator if you want to get more information on the length of time, degrees, and car temperatures.


Asphalt Is A Concern For Pets Too

With the weather getting nicer you definitely want to start taking your dogs out for walks. However, did you know that the pads on a dog's feet can actually burn and cause some serious issues from walking on hot asphalt? Again, even if it appears to be nice outside, asphalt can be deceptively hot. At 77 degrees outside the asphalt can reach 125 degrees. At 125 degrees the dogs' skin can be damaged. A good test is to put your hand on the asphalt. If you can't leave your hand there for 30 seconds it is too hot for a dogs' paws.

Mary Rice / Bronco
Mary Rice / Bronco

Stay Safe This Summer With Your Pets

If you bring your dog to the store with you and you can't bring them inside, make sure you keep the car running with the AC going. I have seen people leave notes on their car windows too letting onlookers know that the AC is running. You can also purchase booties for your dog to protect their feet if you take them for a walk. They might hate it, but they will hate burned paws more.

Have a safe and happy summer.

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