This is something cool you didn't see during the Super Bowl on Sunday: the Uber Eats 'Wayne's World' commercial giving thanks to dozens of Idaho restaurants. The spot that aired during the big game was cute and featured Mike Myers and Dana Carvey back as the local access TV stars Wayne and Garth. The ad also featured Cardi B getting in on the support local ad. But that commercial was only one minute long. There's a much longer version on YouTube where specific restaurants from every state are given a nod of appreciation. The video is more than two and a half hours long, so if you want to skip to the Idaho mentions you can start at 1:00:35.

Listed among the 89,151 restaurants Uber Eats thanks in the video are more than one hundred from here in Idaho. Twin Falls restaurants even got some love.

You can see a special thanks to Canyon Crest, Duke's Bar and Grille, Jarrito's Mexican restaurant, KB's,Naz Kitchen, Pizza Pie Cafe, Prasai's Thai 2 Go, Slice, Sweeto Burrito, Twin Falls Sandwich Company, Tomato's Italian Grill, and the Yellow Brick Cafe.

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The list is a run through the local restaurant partners of Uber Eats. Obviously there are more great local restaurants in Twin Falls not mentioned on the list because they aren't partnered with Uber Eats. The commercial aims to remind viewers that there are loads of local restaurants where you can get food delivered without leaving your house during the pandemic.

If you care to watch the whole video you'll see the boys work on their nails with Cardi B, pain, read, exercise, turn into dogs and puppets, practice yoga/meditation, and get a visit from Alice Cooper.

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