I've never been to Swan Falls Dam. But, I do know one thing about it now that I didn't know before today. It sure looks kinda pretty when you're a drone.

This video was shared by Tobe Brockner on Vimeo. It appears that Tobe just got himself a fancy new drone. It's the DJI Phantom 4, to be specific. I say this because he just grabbed this sweet video of Swan Falls Dam with it.

If you've never done a road trip to Swan Falls Dam, here's what you're looking for.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Please don't be offended if you built the Swan Falls Dam, but I've never ever thought of it as "pretty". But, the drone view did help a little bit.

It's about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Twin if you feel the need to see water being artificially stopped by man and concrete. If you have a drone of your own, all the better.

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