Remember When Batman Adam West Messed With Ketchum, ID Phonebook
Adam West lived in Ketchum Idaho before he passed away in 2017. He has to be one of the most iconic Batman actors of all time. His campy and endearing portrayal of Bruce Wayne appears to have lingered into his real life. He messed with the Ketchum phonebook in the most Adam West way possible.
Rumor: Ben Affleck May Want Out of ‘The Batman’ Completely
Like any job, writing about the latest news in the world of entertainment can wear on you after long enough, so you gotta appreciate the little pearls of amusement where you can get them. Personally, watching the latest solo Batman project fall apart in slow motion has been a perverse thrill over the past couple of months: star Ben Affleck was gonna direct (maybe) the film titled The Batman, then he was definitely gonna direct it, then he backpedaled a little bit, then he requested that people stop asking him about it, then he face-planted onto the sidewalk with the costly flop Live By Night, and then look at that, he wasn’t taking the director’s chair after all. The indignities kept coming, as Warner Bros. ordered sweeping rewrites to this floundering project before landing Planet of the Apes remake maestro Matt Reeves to fill the directorial vacuum.
‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Reveals a Ridiculous Amount of Bat-Vehicles in New Photo
One of the great things about The LEGO Movie is that the characters are so interesting that almost all of them could potentially warrant their own spinoff. That’s especially true in the case of Will Arnett’s Batman, who not only has decades of comic-book, film and television history to work with, but an entire sandbox of merchandise to go along with all of it — including an insane number of vehicles. You can see some of them in a new image from The LEGO Batman Movie, but we have to imagine that this photo barely scratches the surface.

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