blue lakes

12 Types Of Twin Falls Drivers You Encounter On Blue Lakes Daily
Blue Lakes pretty much has the most traffic of any street in the area. And with the traffic there comes all sorts of drivers that will drive you absolutely bonkers. These are the drivers we have labeled that you will encounter on the stretch of road at any given time, sometimes all at once.
Twin Falls Police Search for Driver that Caused Pileup
Police are searching for the car and driver that began a sequence of events leading to a four-car pileup on Blue Lakes in Twin Falls on Saturday.

The Twin Falls Police Department said a black Cadillac was going north on Blue Lakes and swerved into a silver BMW, causing that vehicle to swerve into o…
Rules For Driving Blue Lakes
Blue Lakes: nobody loves driving it but, we all have to drive on it. Blue Lakes as a road isn't actually bad. It's wide enough for 4 lanes and a turning lane, the road is smooth, and there are loads of great businesses and restaurants lining it.

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