It’s NOT Illegal To Leave Pets Outside In The Snow In Idaho
Idaho does not have a law stating that it is illegal to leave your pets outside in the snow. Some dogs and cats actually prefer to be outside in the snow, but how do you know if a pet is in danger or if they are just enjoying the weather? Idaho Humane Society has some tips for animal safety in the cold.
Miss Idaho And Nate Ice Bucket Callenge
The ice bucket challenge has been running wild like my kids at WalMart - it's everywhere! And I think it is great. Whether everyone donates or not - the videos are raising money and a ton of awareness about ALS.
The Cold Burns Calories?
So - the groundhog saw his shadow and we are in for another 6 weeks of winter. But rather than be sad about the cold, you should be happy because all that shivering you will do could help you lose weight! How many calories does shivering burn?

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