Twin Falls Cops Caught On Camera Catching Cow
Add cow wranglers to the job description of Twin Falls Police, Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office and Twin Falls Animal Control. Over the weekend they banded together to get their cowboy and cowgirl on to catch a cow that was on the loose.
Car Tipping?
I never actually went cow tipping as a kid. We talked about it a bunch of times and I heard of others doing it. Now cow tipping is old news because car tipping is the new version of cow tipping.
We Have A Chick-Fil-A In Twin Falls…And Another Jimmy John’s!?
On Saturday we went up to get some Chick-Fil-A sandwiches and to set our kids loose in the indoor play area...but it was so busy we had to cancel our plans and rain check it for another day. On our way out of the parking lot I was surprised to see a new Jimmy John's store up there next to Cold Stone.