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SNL’s Norm MacDonald Tells a Crazy SNL 40 Story About “Celebrity Jeopardy!” and Eddie Murphy
SNL episodes are hard, often frenzied work, so you can imagine the sort of time and dedication and stress that went into the SNL 40 show, which featured new and former cast members along with several guest stars. One of the highlights of the three and a half hour event was the return of “Celebrity Jeopardy!” with Norm MacDonald, Will Ferrell and Darrell Hammond reprising their iconic sketch roles alongside fellow SNL stars, including Kenan Thompson doing a hilarious (and timely) Bill Cosby impression. But according to MacDonald, Thompson wasn’t originally supposed to be in the sketch: Eddie Murphy was.
New Music From Eddie Murphy
In 2013 we got 2 new songs from Eddie Murphy and just last week he made a long awaited - yet surprisingly short - return appearance to the SNL set. This week we have a brand new song, and much like 'Red Light' it is a catchy reggae song. His new song is titles 'Oh Jah Jah' and you can give it a listen below.
New Music From Eddie Murphy
Apparently it wasn't enough to leave us with the gem 'Party All The Time'. There is now even more new music from Eddie Murphy with 'Promise You Won't Break My Heart'. So, if your dream is to be serenaded by the Donkey from Shrek...don't wake up yet.
‘Beverly Hills Cop 4′ May Get Some Help From Jerry Bruckheimer
When the 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV show failed to get off the ground, word was that Paramount might instead go with a new film installment of the franchise (which had been rumored for a while, with Brett Ratner supposedly set to direct it). The latest rumblings suggest a fourth film might happen, with Eddie Murphy reuniting with producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who was behind the first two movies. Read Mo
New Eddie Murphy Song
Back in the 80's we knew Eddie Murphy as an actor, then he came out with the song 'Party All The Time' and for a while he was a singer. Then he did some forgettable movies and your kids now know him as Donkey from Shrek. Now he is back to being a singer with a new song called 'Red Light'.

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