The Most Expensive Home in Idaho
If you've ever dreamed of having a 30,000 square foot house now is your chance. Idaho's most expensive house is going to auction. So call your friends and family and ask them if they want to go in on this beautiful home valued at 21.5 million!
Was The 4th Of July Expensive?
The long weekend is over and it was great! We spent time with family, ate great food, and had one of the best home fireworks shows in the history of our family! I didn't really think about the cost of our festivities at the time because we were 4 families pitching in together to make memories.
What Have You Found
I remember one time as a kid I found $50 in front of a store and my mom had me give it to the store manager...and I'm sure he promptly put it in his pocket. Other than that I haven't really found anything of value. But I do know that people find expensive and cool stuff all the time. What is the most expensive thing you have ever found?
Most Expensive Twin Falls Home
We all like to dream about what we would do if we had a ton of money...for most of us that is just a dream. For others it is reality and you can buy whatever you want. Sometime the rich just buy the most expensive things because it is the most expensive. Well if you are rich and looking for a house you may wonder what does the most expensive house in Twin Falls look like.
48 Percent Of Kids Are Asking For An iPad This Christmas
After Titus and Kylee wrote their letters to Santa asking for gifts and telling him how good they've been, they sat down and wrote out their Christmas wish lists. Kylee is 6 and pretty easy to please this year with dolls and candy - Titus on the other hand wants the most expensive gifts I have ever heard of an 8 year old wanting! What kid asks for an iPad?!