Jerome Police Ask Facebook Users to Help ID Couple
JEROME, Idaho (KLIX) The Jerome Police department is seeking the help of it's Facebook friends to identify a couple they are looking for. The police say Facebook users have been fairly reliable. Check the post below to see if you can help Jerome Police...
What Does The Plain Heart Emoji On Facebook Mean
Guys - this is going to come as a surprise, but ladies have secrets that they are not telling us. One of those secrets you may have glanced at on Facebook last week. But since we are guys, we looked at it and didn't understand or care enough to question it
Race for Facebook Data Center Raises Tax-break Questions
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — The race between a small town on the Rio Grande in New Mexico and a Salt Lake City suburb to entice a new Facebook data center with millions of dollars in tax breaks and subsidies is raising questions about public investments in a booming cloud-computing economy that typi…
3 Things That Can Get You Banned From Our Facebook Page
We love our Facebook page. One of the reasons we love our Facebook page is because that is one of the places where we get to interact with you. We are very fortunate that a vast majority of our listeners are awesome to talk to. However, there are rare occasions when someone does something that gets …

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