Your House Is Dirty Not Haunted
There are probably hundreds of movies and TV shows dedicated to the paranormal and house hauntings. There are also a ton of shows about hoarders and their extremely dirty houses. Science says there may be a connection between the two!
Scariest House Haunters
Some people love being scared - that is why Halloween Haunted Houses are such a big deal. But not everybody wants to actually be scared or in danger...but let's say you had to choose. What would you rather be haunted by if you had to live in a haunted house?
Ghostly Encounters
I have seen some pretty scary things in my life - like my mother-in-law without makeup (just kidding). Since it’s almost Halloween, and nearly everyone has at least one ghost story they like to tell this time of year, I'd like to share the stories of 10 celebrities who have had ghostly encounters. Bring a flashlight because it's about to get spooky in here!