Retired Twin Falls County Captain Battling Rare Disease, Needs Help
Rob Nejezchleba retired from the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office in 2012 where he served as captain. According to his daughter, Rob dedicated his life to serving the Magic Valley and virtually the entire family followed in his footsteps of public servants. Rob is battling a rare disease and now he needs the help of the community he served.
Twin Falls School Seeking Help for Fire Victims
Rock Creek Elementary School is pitching in to help two families left homeless by a fire last week. In a Facebook post, the Twin Falls elementary says it is helping the two families impacted by a house fire and is asking other families with children at the school to help as well.
Jerome Police Seek Help Identifying Two People
The Jerome Police Department has shared images of two people they hope the public can help identify. One is a woman the other is a man. The police department shared it to their Facebook page and asks anyone with information to give them a call...
Is It OK To Help a Child at a Park?
Helping a child at a park just seems like the right thing to do, right? Apparently, this isn't always the case. Last month, my family and I were at a park in Washington. A little boy approached me and asked me to lift him onto a swing.
Nominate A Family
A Christmas Tree can bring a smile to almost any face during the Christmas season. But, some homes in the Magic Valley don't have a tree this year. Join Moose Hill and KOOL 96.5 in spreading the Christmas cheer and bringing joy to a deserving family.
Does Your Hubby Helping With Chores Help You Relax
Yesterday was a pretty crazy/busy day at my house for my wife.  So around dinner time she asked me to help and microwave something for 69 seconds, so I told her no...but I'd do a minute and nine seconds. It took her a few seconds to get it, and a whole night of sleeping on the couch for me to get it.