Would You Break Into A Car On A Hot Day If Kids Were In It
Some people just aren't getting it! If it is hot outside - it is much hotter in a parked car.
In Texas a mom left her kids in the car so she could go get her hair done without being bothered by pesky little kids. Some random strangers saw the kids and since it is Texas and hot - they broke the w…
Heat Advisory in the Magic Valley
A Heat Advisory has been issued for Western Magic Valley and Treasure Valley from 3 pm today (June 29, 2013) till 10 am Wednesday (July 3, 2012).
High temperatures can reach 103 or hotter and lower temperatures can reach 65 or warmer.
10 Signs and Symptoms of Heat Stroke
It's hot outside! With temperatures over 100 heat stroke can creep up on you. It can be difficult to remember and drink water while doing outdoor activities but it is absolutely necessary in order for your body to cool itself. Here are the 10 signs of heat stroke...
Hotdogs Might Be Healthier Than Chicken
It's a pretty basic rule of nutrition that eating chicken is good for you, and eating the fifteen different types of road kill that go into a hotdog is bad for you.  Well…maybe, just maybe, that's not totally true.