Top 20 Cities for Summer Jobs
I would like to think there are great summer jobs right here in Twin Falls. According to this list, you will need to move to Boise or Scottsdale if you want a great summer job.
Frito Lay Is Hiring In Twin Falls
It's funny how many different places you can stumble across job opportunities in Twin Falls. Looking at the Twin Falls Reddit page, I noticed that someone said that Frito Lay is hiring. As it turns out, they are correct.
Americans Are Afraid Of Politicians, Diseases, And Concerts
I am afraid of heights and spiders. That's why I don't have a job that requires me to climb high into spider infested areas (I don't know what that job would be...but I'm sure it is horrible). A new study says that when it comes to jobs, Americans are afraid of Politicians, Disea…
Here’s A Shocker – Being A Parent Is Not A Full Time Job
If you ask any parent - especially a stay at home parent - they will tell you that parenting is a full time job. They will also probably tell you about how much money they should make if they were paid for all they do. After all parents cook, drive, clean, teach, give medical attention, and even som…
What Job Keeps You Fittest In Twin Falls
When it comes to being healthy and fitness, I am not a good poster child. I don’t eat very well but I do go to the gym a few times a month. That is usually enough to keep my pants fitting right. According to a new study, the workers in the best shape are waiters and waitresses.

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