Lagoon or Silverwood – Choices to make?
I recently took a vacation to Coeur d'Alene. We loved our rental on the river. The kayaks enjoyed the change in scenery. Oh look, there's Silverwood. My husband and I are both big amusement park fans and never miss a chance to get our coaster on.
Is Lagoon's New Coaster Scary?
Let's talk roller coasters. The buzz around Twin Falls is the new coaster at Lagoon, "Cannibal". Lagoon has been working on the new coaster for 7 years. It started with a team of engineers, and it ended with a long line of thrill seekers waiting to ride the new coaster.
New Lagoon Roller Coaster
I'll admit that I have a fear of heights...but something about roller coasters makes it OK. Which is definitely a good thing because the latest roller coaster at Lagoon in Utah is 20 stories tall and has the steepest drop of any U.S. coaster!
Amusement Park With Kids [Video]
Anytime you do anything with kids there is only a thin line between when it is fun and when it turns into a meltdown. We found that out on our last road trip and luckily the line of terror was never crossed on our latest trip to the amusement park.

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