Free Trip To Mars
There is a company that is sending people to Mars to die! I don't know what is more surprising - that so many people signed up for this or that all the applicants aren't living in their parent's basement? This story just came out from one of the finalist for the trip - the guy is getting divorced so he can go to Mars!
How Cold Is America?
We have been pretty lucky so far this winter - since we don't live in the North East and haven't had to deal with a Polar Vortex! We haven't had sub-zero temperatures or even very many days of frosted windows. So how cold is it really in America?
This Company Wants To Send You To Mars…To Die
If space travel has been in your dreams since you first saw Captain Kirk and Spock on the bridge of the Enterprise - you are in luck! But this will be more of a trip like Star Trek Voyager...where you never come back. The company Mars One is willing to train and prepare people to travel to and live on Mars - for free!
Check Out an Amazing Panoramic Photo of Mars
The internet has been having a lot of fun with the Mars Curiosity Rover landing. There were a whole bunch of memes. And, of course, there’s mohawk guy Bobak Ferdowsi, who’s successfully bridged the gap between geek and punk. But the real fun is going to begin when we start to getting hold of more of the photos and videos Curiosity is going to beam back to earth.
Want A Trip To Mars
Your chance to go into the black and help build a new world is here!  400 people willing to go to Mars with a one way ticket.