Tax Refunds
It's tax day, which means a lot of you are written or have already written massive checks to the government. For those of you that didn't have to pay, you may have already spent your tax refund.
Getting A Library Card Feels As Good As A $2300 Pay Raise
OK - hold the phone for just a minute. When I think of things that make people happy, I think - money, food, vacations, spa days, funny movies! I do not think of people going to the library. According to a new study though, getting a library card feels as good as a $2300 pay raise. The study also sa…
Surrogate Keeps Baby – Would Be Parents Pay Child Support
Scott Olson/Getty Images
You know there's something wrong with a system that allows this stuff to happen!  When we adopted our son it was a flawless/smooth event.  I understand that it is rarely that way.  Obviously if a pregnant woman decides to keep her baby, that is her right - but if its a surrog…