Babby Farms in Caldwell
If you have an animal lover in your house, you will want to put Babby Farms on your list of places to visit this summer.
Two Cuddly Kitties Need A Home - KOOL Kritter
Jack and Joe are two cuddly kitties that need a home! They are both domestic medium hair orange tabbies. Very playful, energetic little boys. They love each other and anyone else who is willing to pay them attention.
Would You Break Into A Car On A Hot Day If Kids Were In It
Some people just aren't getting it! If it is hot outside - it is much hotter in a parked car.
In Texas a mom left her kids in the car so she could go get her hair done without being bothered by pesky little kids. Some random strangers saw the kids and since it is Texas and hot - they broke the w…

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