News Guy Gets Pranked on April Fools
April 1st is always a fun time of year around the radio stations at Townsquare Media. We have a sneaky coworker that works over at KOOL 95.5 FM that likes to prank folks. The news guy usually gets the brunt of the pranks because he is always first to arrive at work...
What April Fools Joke Have You Played on Someone?
April Fools is next week! 35% of people will play an April Fools joke on someone. Everyone I know LOVES April Fools. So, I am on the defense most of the day. My husband plays a joke on me every year and some how after 8 years of marriage I still don't see the prank coming.
Nate Bird Pranked The Whole Office
I enjoy a good prank! And I realized the other night that it is the middle of September and April Fool's Day was a really long time ago. So I needed to mess with my coworkers.
Easy April Fool's Day Pranks
Oh boy! April Fool's Day is finally here. To help you out if you have procrastinated your prank planning we have a list of easy April Fool's Day pranks you can pull at home or at work.

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