Dangerous Christmas Gifts
Most parents don't go out Christmas gift shopping in the hopes that they'll get the most dangerous gift possible for their child. And, for the most part it seems that toy companies want to help ensure the safety of kids.
Are There Presents Under Your Tree Yet?
I think we can all remember being kids and sneaking to the tree when mom and dad weren't looking just to shake a few presents and guess on their contents. Do kids today get to do that? I have been to a few of my friend's houses and they don't put the presents out until Christmas Eve!
48 Percent Of Kids Are Asking For An iPad This Christmas
After Titus and Kylee wrote their letters to Santa asking for gifts and telling him how good they've been, they sat down and wrote out their Christmas wish lists. Kylee is 6 and pretty easy to please this year with dolls and candy - Titus on the other hand wants the most expensive gifts I have ever heard of an 8 year old wanting! What kid asks for an iPad?!