Cool Christmas Train
A few months ago, I posted a video where I got stuck at the train crossing in Twin Falls for almost 10 minutes. I wasn't actually mad about it - the train boys have to do their job too.
Twin Falls Train Nightmare
If you live in Twin Falls you know that traffic on Blue Lakes is the worst and if the train light bar comes down at the train crossing you may as well set up a tent because you'll be there for a while.
Free Concert In Jackpot Saturday
One of the best things about summer is outdoor concerts! This Saturday night you get a free concert - the Happy Together Tour at Cactus Pete's Horseshu in Jackpot. Join Nate Bird for some fun in the sun on the lawn at the Horseshu. You get to see The Turtles, Chuck Negron, Mitch Ryder, Mark Farner, and Gary Lewis...