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Is Lagoon's New Coaster Scary?
Let's talk roller coasters. The buzz around Twin Falls is the new coaster at Lagoon, "Cannibal". Lagoon has been working on the new coaster for 7 years. It started with a team of engineers, and it ended with a long line of thrill seekers waiting to ride the new coaster.
New Lagoon Roller Coaster
I'll admit that I have a fear of heights...but something about roller coasters makes it OK. Which is definitely a good thing because the latest roller coaster at Lagoon in Utah is 20 stories tall and has the steepest drop of any U.S. coaster!
Hold Your Stomach! Insane Video Takes You on the Steepest Roller Coaster in the World [VIDEO]
I love roller coasters! Lagoon is one of my favorite amusement parks, with Colossus, Wicked, Spider, and so many more!  But now it seems roller coasters are made more extreme and have the sole purpose of making you lose your lunch - case and point...Japanese amusement park Fuji-Q boasts some of the wildest rides and gnarliest roller coasters out there and this video gives you a front seat, first-p