Would You Call In Sick Over This?
We've all had mornings where our hair wouldn't curl, your shirt looks nothing like the last time you wore it, and your skirt has a stain on it that appeared out of nowhere. How do these things happen and why do they only happen when you wake up 15 minutes late?
The Good Stuff
You may have heard of a little three-year-old named Ethan from Utah who has been hospitalized in Salt Lake City for pneumonia. But the Internet has decided to cheer him up. With Hot Wheels.
Paid To Get Sick
You know what? Being sick sucks! Whether you have a cold or cancer - it is never fun. So this may seem like a crazy question...but would you let the government infect you with the flu for $3,000?
Help Fight The Flu
Flu season is here, and even though it seems to have been pretty tame so far if you are experiencing flu symptoms you might be able to participate in a free flu study in Twin falls at Asthma and Allergy of Idaho.
Here’s Proof That You Shouldn’t Go To Work Sick
It is the flu season and the virus is running rampant through the Magic Valley and beyond. Honestly - we are always looking for excuses not to go to work and then when we get sick, which is the ultimate excuse, what do we do? We go to work?!
Mom Gives 8-Year-Old Daughter Botox Injections [VIDEO]
Kerry Campbell took herself out of the race for Mother of the Year Thursday when she revealed to 'Good Morning America' that she gives her 8-year-old pageant queen daughter Botox injections. Campbell, a part-time aesthetician, told 'GMA's' Lara Spencer that she does the injections herself, and claims the reason she started giving them was due to pressure from other pageant moms.