How Do You Flush?
OK - I am not a germiphobe. I am a guy though and I think that makes me gross/dirty by default. But when it comes to toilet germs I am over aware! I hate public bathrooms. I understand that for a business to keep their toilet rooms clean is tough...but even if you clean it every hour - it is still a public bathroom!
Everybody Does This
Again - it is great to know that I am not the only one. We know that everybody goes to the bathroom, and now thanks to a new survey, we know that pretty much everybody multitasks in the bathroom.
Men Spend 3 Years Of Their Life On The Toilet Plus 5 Other Odd Toilet Facts
The toilet. Where do I start with this one. Some people call it the porcelain throne but the majority of comments are not so positive. Yet we all use it and apparently we use it a lot! A new study from BuzzFeed found that the average man will spend 3 years of his life on the toilet. That seems like a very long time but when I think of the times I have fallen asleep on the throne it does seem to ma
Are There Enough Bathrooms At Your Work [SURVEY]
Here at the radio station we have one bathroom for the guys and one for the girls, so if there is somebody in have to wait. Apparently this is becoming a problem because my boss is trying to blame his frequent trips to the bathroom on the fact that there is always somebody in there
Wipe Yourself With Your Twitter Feed
I am not a big "tweeter" which is weird considering my last name...but I can see the comedy in using your tweets as toilet paper :) A little symbolic of the rubbish most people post. Or you could send a real message when you toilet paper somebody's house...
What Do You Get When You Pay $6,390 For A Toilet?
Kohler is about to start rolling out a new toilet called the Numi.  It'll cost you $6,390 to have one in your house.  So, what do you get when you pay that much for a toilet?  Here's a list of what it does and doesn't feature.
Super Toilet Flushes 18 Golf Balls At Once [Video]
I have four kids and I think this toilet is one of the greatest inventions ever!  We have already had experiences in our house of toys, rolls of toilet paper, and even my wife's wedding ring being flushed...or attempted to flush down the toilet.  This toilet should be tested in my house!