One Flown to Utah Hospital after Buhl Fire
When the Buhl Fire Department arrived on the scene at 4263 N 1400 E, there were multiple out buildings and camper trailers on fire. An outbuilding is classified as any free standing building such as a shop, storage shed, wooden building that is not a home.
Star Wars Voice Swap Trailer
The force is strong with this Voice Swap Movie Trailer. The entire world is excited for the new Star Wars movies! Those who grew up with the movies are beyond excited for the nostalgia and younger generations are excited because their parents are excited. Plus the latest trailer makes the movie…
Hilarious Cinderella Trailer
Last week Disney released their movie trailer for the upcoming live action Cinderella - and the movie looks great. We did have a few suggestions on improvements as far as the casting goes.
Trailer For New “Governator” Series [VIDEO]
I think this is great since there is nothing kids love more than state politics!  Just last week, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER announced that he and comic book legend STAN LEE were developing a new superhero called The Governator, and that a comic book and animated TV series were in the works.