New Shows Coming to Streaming Services to Get You Through the Quarantine
I'm pretty sure we've all found ourselves watching a bit too much T.V. lately. Aside from work and cleaning the house, there's not much we can do to stay occupied. I've been addicted to the Netflix documentary "Tiger King," which follows tiger owner and extremist, Joe Exotic... but there's a whole lot more coming to your streaming services that will make being quarantined a little less painful.
Do You Remember Dave Campo?
Part of my childhood in Twin Falls was filled with my mom, my grandma, even my babysitter yelling at the TV when the one and only Dave Campo would promote Latham Motors.
Full House is Coming Back
I grew up watching Full House and now my kids and I watch Full House re-runs. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard they were bringing back the show. The reunion show will be called, "Fuller House" but the Olsen twins will not be part of the show. Mary Kate and Ashley plan to focus on their fashion brands and various business endeavors.
Is Prison Too Easy?
We often hear stories about criminals doing stupid things or criminals doing horrible things. But the fact of it all is that they broke the law - that's why they are referred to as criminals. For that reason it really bugs me when I read about inmates complaining about not having cable TV or that they don't get the best food. NEWSFLASH - if you don't like it - don't break the law!
Win Summer Prizes!
Summer is rolling along and the heat is on! For the first few weeks of Summer Break with the kids we would send them outside for hours each day to play - but now it is too hot to so we have to let them in to cool down.

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