School Closure Video
What do you think, should we start announcing school closures this way?  It's Stephens Elementary in Burlington, Kentucky, and their viral school closure video may be setting a new bar for principals and news anchors!
Local Reporter Almost Gets Run Over By Car and Five Other Correspondent Accidents [VIDEOS]
Ben Higgins, the sports director for San Diego's ABC affiliate, was in Tucson, Arizona on Thursday, where he covered San Diego State University's first ever NCAA tournament victory. But what made his report so memorable was the part when a SUV darn near ran him over as the cameras rolled. Luckily for Higgins, the vehicle stopped just in the nick of time. Since videos of television reporters actual
Watch Movie Characters Say the Title of The Movie They Are In [VIDEO]
Movie titles aren't just picked out of hat, it turns out.  In fact, they almost always have something to do with the movie itself (they do indeed go back to the future in "Back to the Future"). This supercut features two minutes of 80 movie characters saying the actual title of the movie. Check out the surprisingly hypnotic exercise below:
The Guiltiest Dogs on The Web [VIDEOS]
Is there anything sadder than a guilty dog? Especially one that's just gotten his or her nose figuratively "rubbed in it?" Here are some adorably pathetic dogs who don't even need to be disciplined because they've already punished themselves enough.

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