Worst Places to Live in Idaho
We think Idaho is a great place to live... but not everyone shares that sentiment. Recently a travel site listed the top ten worst places to live in Idaho.
Worst Fast Foods?
I like fast food. It's convenient, yummy and my whole family likes it. But, have you ever ordered something from a fast food restaurant that wasn't yummy? According to thrillist.com, their is one, not so delicious, item on every fast food menu.
Worst Movie Ever?
OK - This should be fun! Now that it is summer and some of us have more free time or later bed times we may fill some of that time with a movie. I have found myself going through lists of movies trying to find something worth watching. Sometimes I fail.
Worst Fashion Trends
There will always be fashion trends that you look back on and regret 100 percent. For me it was pleated pants and pegged pants - you remember that!? What is the worst fashion trend ever?
Worst Birthday Ever
Growing up is hard. You are always getting older and it just makes it worse when your birthday gets ruined. It has happened to almost all of us - somebody forgot your birthday, they didn't show up to your party, you didn't get the presents you wanted, somebody used those stupid candles that you can'…
Worst Thing About Christmas
Supposedly, Christmas is a time of pure happiness and love...but in reality there are a few things that we hate about the holidays. Especially when family comes to visit! Here are the ten worst things about the holidays.
No-No Christmas Gifts
I actually asked for socks this year...call me crazy, but that is all I could think of that I needed. Each year we hear lists of the worst presents to get and we don't want you to be a giver of bad presents , so make sure you check out this list of the top 10 gifts not to get for Christmas.
10 Of The Stupidest Toys Of All Time
What is the stupidest/biggest waste of time and money toy you ever bought or received?  If it didn't make our list, then please enlighten us in the comments so we don't make the mistake of buying one!