Some might argue that the 80's were the worst period of time in the history of history. Acid-washed jeans, ugly cars, the Cold War, leggings, and mullets were the norm. Other decades had their fads that people thought were cool at the time too. We can all look back and realize that some of what we thought were bright times in our personal history are actually dark spots that are best left buried in the past. I think the Tamagotchi is one of those things from the 90's. I learned from Sarah McLachlan that there are real (live) pets in need every day of nurture and homes. The Tamagotchi was a sad excuse for giving a child something to take care of. Every Tamagotchi I know of has ended up in a trash can or in the hidden pockets of some old backpack.

Why am I ragging on the Tamagotchi right now? Because the Tamagotchi is making a comeback with some of the nostalgic features and a few new perks. The game retains the three buttons used for interaction with your digital pet but now it comes in color and can travel around and create a family. So that part at least sounds like most of the cats in my neighborhood. The new Tamagotchi can also connect to your phone so you will never be able to forget to feed and play with it. The new toy also costs $60 according to CNN Business.

For comparison, cat adoptions at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter are only $53 and dog adoptions range between 78 and 90 dollars. Plus if we are talking about nostalgia, think about how many family pets you see in pictures vs how many Tamagotchi you see. A digital pet might be cool for a while but a real pet adoption lasts a lifetime.

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