The Eagle Creek fire in Oregon is just one of the many fires that is clouding our Idaho skies with smoke, and it is an intense fire!

No fires are reported in Southern Idaho right now, but we are pretty much surrounded by places that are burning out of state. Wildfires are extremely scary to me. Anyone who has gone camping and tried to start a campfire with just the stuff you find around your tent knows that it isn't easy. I've even failed at making a decent fire with good wood and matches. So, seeing a fire like this, with this much power, just eat up an entire mountain - it is terrifying. Fires move so quickly and anyone caught near one with out warning is in serious danger.

The fire continues to rage uncontrolled and the OregonLive is doing daily updates of the fire conditions. The Eagle Creek fire is near the beautiful tourist attraction Multnomah Falls Lodge in the Columbia River Gorge.

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