There's a story that is hitting social media hard today about some kind words Blake Shelton had to say about Twin Falls. The problem is the story is fake.

Basically the story goes - Blake was in Twin Falls and had car trouble and then a few kind Twin Falls people helped him out and even fed him dinner. The story comes from the website 16 WMPO which claims to be a local news site (which just the WMPO is a dead giveaway that it is not local since the W is used in media station on the east side of the Mississippi and K is used on our side - hence KEZJ, KLIX, KSNQ).

Still don't believe me and want to argue that the story is still real? Go to the story site and click the first tab that says DISCLAIMER and they straight up tell you that every story on their site is fake.

The good news is that even though Blake Shelton didn't say those nice things about us - we are still an amazingly nice town to live in and visit.

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