To celebrate the holidays or even a birthday, sometimes it's hard to decide what to get people. However, if you know something they like it makes it a lot easier. Take football by chance, or even a sports team. Below we've created a list of items under $25 that are perfect for the Boise State fan in your life.

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1. A Boise State Blanket

2. A Boise State Keychain (This is a perfect stocking stuffer)

3. A Boise State Flag (perfect for hanging outdoors, in a dorm room, or in a window)

4. Boise State Socks (a set of three-you can't go wrong here)

5. Boise State Winter Hat (we included a toddler and adult version, so it'll fit anyone's head)

6. Boise State Legos

Bonus: Boise State Men's Cowboy Boots
They're currently only available in limited sizes, but they're on sale and aren't near the $250 original price tag on them.

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