Say it ain’t so!  Chicken wings are a casualty of COVID-19.  I came across a story explaining there’s a nationwide shortage.  You can read more by clicking here.  I had some inkling there was trouble brewing a couple of weeks ago.  I was in Walmart and at the deli counter noticed there were no traditional wings.

I finally had some at a restaurant.  I had a half-pound order as a side dish.

Usually, the traditional are available every other day as a change of pace.  The next day I went back and there still weren’t any regular wings. 

I finally had some at a restaurant.  I had a half-pound order as a side dish.  It was my first taste of wings since before the pandemic began.  In the early weeks of 2020, I was visiting Blaine County and had an order of wings at Mahoney’s in Bellevue.  Very good wings, I’ll also point out.  Then COVID came along and I have only been to Blaine County once and I didn’t eat lunch on the road.

In many places, price of wings reflects the lack of supply, although.  In the story I saw yesterday it appears the supply of frozen wings is better than fresh wings.  I’m not prejudiced.  I’ll eat both. 

Walmart seems to have been especially prone to supply chain disruptions.  The canned Special Kitty cat food vanished for a time last spring.  When it came back there was different packaging.  Suggesting a new supplier. 

Now the canned Friskies is in limited supply.  At Walmart but not at WinCo.  Leading me to believe the grocery stores have a different chain. 


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