Wind is my number one complaint about Southern Idaho weather. I can deal with snow, single digit temperatures, and extreme dry heat. But if the wind blows I will be inside.

Today's Magic Valley weather is beautiful. In fact it's almost perfect. However, tomorrow the forecast is calling for sunshine (which is good), warm temperatures (even better), and breezy conditions (ugh). The average person might think...I can handle a slight breeze. The problem is Idaho weather forecasts say breezy but they really mean windy. My neighbors trampoline blew away when it was breezy.

Tomorrow's forecast is calling for breezy conditions ranging from at 18mph to 23mph. In my world breezy is 5 to 10mph, anything over 10mph is windy.

Jordan Dressman, KMVT meteorologist, informed me that anything over 20 mph is windy. Another meteorologist told me anything over 30mph is windy. my book anything over 10mph is windy but what do I know. 

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