These guys are vicious.  I checked my bed this morning to ensure a horse’s head wasn’t under the covers.  Though, I’m still wondering how my Chevy’s gas tank ended up on the curb!  One of the tree huggers accused me of “trolling” him and his fellow granola gobblers.  He made the accusation on a Tea Party Facebook page and I’m the troll?

Again, I Don't Virtue Signal

I’m being accused of being a hypocrite because I also use products containing rare earth minerals mined by criminal regimes.  It’s true.  My 62 dollar Samsung phone I bought three years ago at Walmart.  The difference is, I don’t preen with it!

Also, I support using rare earth minerals from friendly countries.  Let’s start right at home.  Geologists I know often tell me Idaho remains a mineral-rich place.  We could go get what’s underground but the main cohort using electric vehicles would scream like banshees.  You would see 75-year-old hippies still wearing their beads and ponchos blocking all the roads to the sites.  Students would arrive on buses from Moscow, Boise, and Pocatello and chant that the native habitat of the hairy-chested nut scratcher was endangered.

The tribes would arrive and repeat the land was stolen and then volunteer to extract the minerals in exchange for some other currency.  I would recommend precious metals!

Liberals Ignore Very Big Facts

None of the nasty notes I’ve received from the left have yet addressed a few basic points.  There isn’t a large enough supply of rare earths to create an entirely new motor vehicle fleet.  It’s a fool’s errand to believe otherwise.  Even if you took every bit of the minerals for car batteries, there would be none left for phones and our other gadgets.

This situation is exacerbated by a refusal to use the resources we already have.  Which still wouldn’t be able to power the switch to an electric fleet.

The answer is hydrogen and nuclear power can provide electricity to create electrolysis.

Liberal critics know this.  They just don’t like hearing it from conservatives.

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