The 4th of July light shows are over, but that doesn't mean the light shows in the sky are over. Some parts of Idaho have a really good chance of seeing the Northern Lights this weekend.

Up until last October I had no idea that seeing the Aurora Borealis in Idaho was even possible. This isn't even the first chance to see the lights this year. Last month there was a great light show visible from The Craters Of The Moon. This weekend we have another chance at seeing the lights from the 16th-17th. In the picture provided on Facebook by the National Weather Service, the best place for a chance to see the lights will be between the green and yellow lines...Northern Idaho is going to be great if the skies are clear.

As is usually the case, if you want to see the lights you'll need to be in an area where they are showing and have as little ambient light pollution as possible (that's one of the things that makes Craters such a good place for viewing).

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