Dutch Bros has a fruity drink called the Pink Flamingo and you can get it in a few varieties...but all of them will make you go crazy. Here's why: there is no fruity flavor to this fruity drink. I honestly thought that it smelled a little like peach, but I didn't get any sense of strawberry or white chocolate since everything was immediately overpowered by the energy drink taste. Which, in my opinion is fine since that is still really good. There are a lot of other rebel options on the Dutch Bros Secret menu if you aren't a fan of peach...and maybe some of them taste different than a shot of caffeine.

Here's a note - there is clearly a lot of caffeine in these drinks. So unless you know your energy drink handling abilities, I'd recommend you don't chug the whole thing in 10 minutes like I did. For an iced drink it sure did make me sweat!

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