November is a food and snacking month. If you are expecting company this holiday season, then a visit to the Hickory Farms store in the Magic Valley Mall should be a top priority, and trust me, the staff will be more than excited to help you choose a goodie basket.

My wife and I were going over the Thanksgiving menu the other day that we are planning to prepare for family in a few days. Turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, macaroni and cheese, and stuffing are all going to be dialed in. Then I heard those two words I've been waiting nearly a year to hear. "Cheese ball."

I can recall tagging along with my mother on November trips to the local Hickory Farms store dating back nearly 40 years. Sitting in the backseat next to all the delicious jam, sausage, chocolate, cheese, peanut brittle, and crackers always made for an agonizing drive home. Then, watching company devour all of our Hickory Farms goodness like a pack of ravenous wolves while watching the game irked me to no end.

The store is open at the Magic Valley Mall in Twin Falls, and if past experience is any indication, the staff is anxiously awaiting your arrival. We love visiting the mall Hickory Farms between J.C. Penny and GNC, because the ladies that work there always put us in a great mood with their positive, chipper personalities. I could spend an entire afternoon chatting with them.

Don't forget to buy, or order, your holiday snack gift baskets for company or delivery. If you want to drop a cheese ball off here where I work, you can feel free.

Happy holidays Twin Falls!

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