Pixar has done a stellar job over the years of making quality kids movies that also appeal to adults. BUT - not all the Pixar movies are created equal and some of them are just not any good. Take Cars 2 for example. That movie was not good, which is crazy because the original Cars was such a good movie. You could say the same for the Toy Story movies: the first one was exceptional and the second was good but by the third movie the story was done. Now they have a fourth Toy Story which I hear almost makes up for how bad the 3rd was. So, out of all these Pixar movies, which is the favorite of Idaho? According to the CableTV website it is Toy Story 2.

Credit CableTV Favorite Pixar Movie
Credit: CableTV Favorite Pixar Movie

I have a real problem with this and I know everyone has their own opinion, but if you are picking Toy Story as your favorite movie, how in the world do you pick any other than the first? That's just my issue with Idaho, If you look at the map of all the other states there are even more surprising results. The crazy depressing Up was the number one pick for 17 states and after that was the forgettable Brave. I'm not saying Brave was bad. I'm saying Brave isn't better than Monsters Inc., Toy Story, Cars, or even The Incredibles. That's right, The Incredibles was only the top choice in two states. Another other jaw-dropper is that the original Cars wasn't the top choice in any state!

If you would like to argue your case for a favorite leave us a Facebook comment and let's sort this out properly and let us know what Pixar movie is your favorite in the poll.

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