It looks like the career of Bellevue Deputy Nate Silvester has come to an end courtesy of the mayor of Bellevue. In a Facebook post today, the mayor said that the deputy had violated the city of Bellevue police policies along with state of Idaho police policies. The mayor said that the violation occurred on May 20th.

The deputy was placed on probation after his Tik Tok Video criticizing NBA Superstar Lebron James was viewed by millions and millions of fans. Silvester told us earlier that the city government was liberal and did try to get him fired for his conservative beliefs.

He credited the loyalty of his superiors in the department for his ability to keep his job at the time. Silvester did sign a book deal based on his video game. He promised to donate revenue from the book and a Go Fund Me Page to help police officers suspended for their beliefs.

The Bellevue mayor stated on Facebook that Silvester was not terminated for his free speech. The reason for firing Silvester was that he did not follow a specific policy or direction. This decision did not come from the city council but the Bellevue Marshall's Office from the Facebook Post. The post said that the city council respects the Marshall's office.

We have not found a public comment from Deputy Silvester at this time. He did recently post a Tik Tok on his popular Facebook page. I'm sure we'll be hearing from him soon, and when we do, we will share it with you here and on KIDO Talk Radio.


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