There are a few bad things that we put up with each year to live in Idaho - wind, dairy air, and burning fields. 'Tis the season for all of those - but mostly the burnings.

It isn't just farmers that can burn their fields. When we first bought our house the back half acre had been unkempt for nearly 2 years. There were so many weeds that we ended up calling the Twin Falls Fire Department and they came out to make sure we didn't burn down any houses.

Earlier this week the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality sent out some reminder information to those interested in burning stuff in their yards or curious about what their neighbors are/should be burning. To burn one must get a permit from the Idaho Department of Lands and adhere to the burn permit rules.

You are not allowed to burn garbage, treated lumber, or most human made items (plastics, paints, tires). You can burn garden and lawn trimmings, weeds along ditches and fence lines, and small fires for food preparation.

Full burn restrictions and allowances are on the DEQ website.

BONUS VIDEO - Driving Through The Smoke Of A Huge Field Fire

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