We're not quite at the point where we are seeing end of year lists for 'most popular' things yet, but baby name predictions are always fun to look at anytime! USA Today has a list of baby names that was compiled by Nameberry that are predicted to be popular for 2020. There are several influences that they see happening, including pop culture, sports figures, and even looking backwards in time

Nameberry co-creator and CEO Pamela Redmond Satran says this list is not the same one released every year by the Social Security Administration, and also it's out there just to give parents a heads up on what's sure to be popular in the near future.

See if any of your favorites are below.

Girls names for 2020:

  • Adah or Ada
  • Reese. Influenced by Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon
  • Mika. Made popular by journalist Mika Brzezinski
  • Paisley
  • Amina. Arabic name, the mother of the prophet Muhammad
  • Teagan. Irish/Welsh name
  • Nova. This one also appears on the Social Security list
  • Aura. Spanish incluence
  • Pearl. This one is old fashioned, and set for a comeback
  • Billie. Popular back in the 20's and 30's from singer Billie Holiday, but this time it's another singer who is making the name surge again - Billie Eilish.

Boys names for 2020

  • Austin. More a tip of the hat to the Texas city, rather than the movie character Austin Powers
  • Alva. Yes, it's Thomas Edison's middle name
  • Acacius. An old name set to make a comeback
  • Tate. Norse name meaning cheerful
  • Easton. It means East Town
  • Lucius. Means 'light'
  • Cash. Straight up tribute to the Man in Black
  • Ash. Short for the biblical term Asher
  • Luca. Rising in popularity at a pretty rapid rate.

Honorable mention: Piper, Indigo, Octavia, Harlow, Elio, Finn, Kit, Kieran, Phoenix, Remy and Rowan.


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