In mid-October I decided I wanted to go to a haunted house, but my wife didn't! There was no way I was going to go alone, so I made a deal with her and a few of my friends that if they went to a haunted house with me then I would go to Breaking Dawn dressed as one of the characters from the movie. One month later I'm regretting my deal a little bit! If you go Friday at 9:30pm you may see me in my costume and covered in shame. The Twi-hards are out in full force this week - lining up for tickets and great seats to midnight showings, and in Twin Falls you can watch all 4 Twilight movies starting Thursday evening for just $20.

If you don't feel like dressing up or waiting in a long line you can win a pair of tickets to Breaking Dawn from KOOL 96.5! Listen tomorrow morning each hour between 7am and 11am for the Twilight Ticket Blast and call 735-0800. We'll keep the phone line open for 9 minutes and 65 seconds (9:65) if you get through, you'll automatically be entered to win $20 in Cinema Cash. For an extra entry in the contest LIKE our Facebook page.