It is official, that December 2021 was the last time you will see the Candy Cane house in Twin Falls. The amazing display has given us countless memories over the years with its intricate workings. Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for the owner, the Candy Cane House is going on a new adventure.

The Candy Cane House Will Not Return

The owner of the Candy Cane House, Mitch Silvester, will be moving on from Twin Falls for a new career opportunity. We are so incredibly excited for him, we wish you all the luck and good fortune. And with the owner of the Candy Cane house moving, he will be taking his amazing light display with him.

What Is Next For The Candy Cane House

Mitch stated that he will be taking his decorations and display and continuing the tradition. Unfortunately for us, fortunately for him, that tradition will be in another state and another town. Which is fantastic, it is great that he will be continuing spreading Christmas joy and spirit to people who haven't had the opportunity or good fortune to see it yet.

Christmas May Not Be The Same, But That's Ok

Every Christmas season that I have spent in Twin Falls has had the Candy Cane House in it. But some good things must come to an end, but at least the tradition with continue. Mitch said to the community, "I'm really glad everyone has enjoyed watching my light display. I know it will be missed, as I will miss all the smiling faces. I appreciate all the support the community has given".

Thank you Mitch for making this community smile for so long. You will be truly missed but we hope and pray that you have a wonderful new adventure full of more smiles and more Christmas spirit.

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