TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-People using pressurized irrigation within the city of Twin Falls have been asked to conserve water as deliveries have been reduced by the Twin Falls Canal Company. The City of Twin Falls has asked anyone using the pressurized irrigation system to follow the water conservation schedule and adjust their watering times to help lower demand. Thursday morning the Twin Falls Canal Company reduced the amount of water it sends to customers from 5/8 per share to 1/2 inch per share as water flows on the Snake River have gone down during the drought. The move only impacts pressurized irrigation within the City of Twin Falls and irrigators; the curtailment does not impact the city drinking water system.

People on the pressurized irrigation have specific days to water, depending on the date and their address; those with even numbered addresses water on even numbered dates, the odd numbered addresses water on the odd numbered dates. At the same time the city said users need to check on the city's website for the status of their area water pumps. It is suggested that people schedule their watering times during low demand times, or when the pumps appear in green on the monitoring site.

The city is also taking steps to cut back on water use amid the curtailment by only watering for set periods of times, watering only during the daytime, while Code Enforcement will watch for water waste and abuse.

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