Sarah LaVaughn's nail spa and salon is offering free services to people who have or had cancer and anyone that may be suffering from other health issues. Laurie Kinney is the owner and manager of the salon and has been battling illness herself.

Laurie beat breast cancer but now has some residual health issues that are the side effects of her breast cancer treatments. She has decided to offer free services to people who are struggling just like her in the hopes to give them a little self love.

The salon, which is located at 202 Shoshone St West in Downtown Twin Falls, is offering free finger and toe nail painting to cancer patients and if you suffer from migraines or get stiff neck they have neck massagers that you can use for free any time.

Laurie has Lymphodema which causes her major pain, the only relief she has been able to find is Henna tattooing. They will be offering free Henna to help patients with pain associated with this disease.

For those cancer patients who may be in the middle or toward the end of treatment and they are losing their hair, Sarah LaVaughn's is offering free tutorials on how to apply magnetic eyelashes and teach you how to draw on your eyebrows.

Also, they will be offering free facials and free wig trimming for cancer patients. Laurie's goal is to help anyone going through this tough time to find beauty in themselves again. For anyone who feels overwhelmed or may be looking for other treatment plans, Laurie has offered to help anyone research and find more information about what they are going through. The salon is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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