The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office sent out their yearly reminder to scrape off your car windows completely for safety reasons and to guarantee you won't face a fine. We haven't had a big frost morning yet, we are just starting to see the coating. So get in the habit now.

Don't Forget To Scrape The Ice From Your Windshield

I know we have all done it at some point or another. We wake up late on a frosty morning, it is 20 degrees outside and the frost is thick on the windows. Maybe you lost your ice scraper or forgot to put it in your car after the season. Blasting the heater in your car praying the ice starts to melt. Then you take out a CD or a credit card or whatever has an edge and you scrape a hole just big enough in the windshield frost to see. Even though we have all been there, it is a big no-no. Especially for safety reasons. Frost does impair your sight.

What Is The Penalty For Not Scraping Ice From Your Windshield

Without scraping the frost off your window completely not only is it harder to see what is going on around you, but you could also face a fine. The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office sent out another reminder, like they do every year, that if you get caught without scraping off your windows you could get a $90 dollar fine.

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That being said, almost every time I have seen someone get pulled over due to lack of scraping, the officers tend to help scrape the windows and let them go with a warning. However, if I were you, and some mornings I definitely consider doing this, I wouldn't risk it.

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